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Can you help find Arthur?

posted by: M44 - Wednesday 21st December, 2011

click here to enlarge2 weeks ago this beautiful family dog Arthur escaped out of his garden and has not been seen since.

The family are distraught with worry and there are 2 very upset young children that may be losing their loving pet at this time of year.

No presents could replace him and I am begging people within the Greater Manchester area to share this photo in the hope that someone returns Arthur.

There is a reward for his return and you could help to stop 2 young children and family from having a heart breaking Christmas.

He is a friendly dog and we have tried all the known avenues with no luck since the day he went missing. Please share if you are in the Greater Manchester Area.

He is from the M44 postcode and was last seen not far from Barton Airport on Liverpool Road.

Please help to put the smiles back into a little boy and girls faces.

Phone 07920078013 Thanks Markus De Rawkus

Defibshop aims to put heart in the community

posted by: M.E.N - Thursday 9th June, 2011

click here to enlargeCadishead-based defibshop.co.uk has teamed up with a trio of firms to give away free devices to schools.

It will work with first aid training provider Imperative, life support products supplier supplier Laerdal and manufacturer Philips to donate defibrillators to 24 schools through its Hand on Heart campaign.

To do this, schools can apply for a grant for a free machine or can partner with a local business, which can offer support through their CSR strategy.

Defibshop project manager Gina Harris said: “We believe that as manufacturers, distributors and trainers that defibrillators are incredibly important pieces of equipment, particularly if you look at the statistics, where 12 young children die every week from sudden cardiac arrest.

“We believe that the Hand on Heart campaign is a very powerful way of raising awareness to the problem of cardiac arrest in the young but also a way of doing something positive about it by providing life saving solutions into schools.

“For every minute that someone is in cardiac arrest their chance of survival drops by about 10 per cent.

“If you have to wait for an ambulance it maybe too late whereas if you have a defibrillator and are able to use it, the victim's chance of survival leaps to approximately 78 per cent chance of survival - that is certainly money and time well invested.”

A defibrillator is a small piece of medical equipment designed to save someone's life if they are in sudden cardiac arrest by giving them a shock of electricity.

The Hand on Heart campaign was set up to educate and equip as many children and teachers as possible with the knowledge and skills to save a life by giving away 24 defibrillators this year and training at least 700 children in basic life support and 144 teachers how to use a defibrillator.

Businesses who want to support a local school need to visit www.handonheart.org and nominate the school of their choice through the corporate section.

Manchester City Football Club has already signed up after selecting to help out North East Manchester Academy.

Harris added: “We believe our campaign is unique in the UK and we hope it will grow over the next few years but we want some local north west businesses to support our campaign.”

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Junior doctors row: Hospitals prepare for week of strikes
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TV licence iPlayer rules come into force
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Amputee to be father after septicaemia ordeal
A man who lost both his legs, eight fingers and part of his nose after contracting septicaemia is to become a father for the first time.

Police question man over Penge car chase family deaths
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Victims of crime should have legal right to contact offenders - MPs
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'Glaring deficiencies' in EU debate, Electoral Reform Society says
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British Airways to resume direct flights to Iran
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Thousands of children reported over indecent images
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Organ transplants: Ethnic minorities urged to discuss donations
A shortage of transplant organs for people from ethnic minorities is being caused by a lack of donations from those communities, the NHS says.

Ranjit Singh Power murder: Friend is wanted by police
The best friend of a UK businessman murdered in India is named by police as a suspect.

Women's conception rates 'not affected by moderate drinking'
Moderate drinking does not appear to affect a woman's fertility, research published in the British Medical Journal suggests.

Had its chips? The traditional British fish van in France
A British couple have been providing authentic fish and chips across France's Dordogne region for four years. Has Brexit affected their business?

MP Jacob Rees-Mogg on Conservative Brexit 'turf wars' claims
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Wrong way M-way driver in Somerset caught on dashcam
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BBC Breakfast
Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.

Avro Vulcan XH558 to take to the rails
A locomotive is restored and renamed in tribute to the last airworthy Vulcan bomber following the aircraft's retirement last year.

Nearly a fifth of parents regret baby name - survey
Almost a fifth of parents in the UK regret the name they chose for their child, a survey suggests.

Newspaper headlines: Brexit 'red line' and 'Alzheimer's revolution'
Theresa May's pledge to control immigration from the EU after Brexit, a "game-changing" treatment for Alzheimer's disease and a warning about dining after 7pm occupy the papers.

Miracle hype
Apple cider vinegar is a traditional folk remedy that has been around for many centuries. But is it really good for our health?

TV licence
Young people tell the BBC what they think about changes to the TV licence that will mean audiences must pay even if they only use catch-up services on BBC iPlayer.

Long fight
More than five years after his death in custody, the family of Kingsley Burrell is still waiting to learn if three police officers will face charges.

'Embrace life'
The number of 10 to 15-year-old girls who are unhappy with their life has increased. So what advice would you give to a younger you?

Two-wheel CCTV
What difference do helmet cameras make to road safety?

Keeping up appearances
Why are girls suffering from low self-esteem and what can we do to make them feel better about themselves?

Big spenders

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The 15 contestants taking part in this year's Strictly Come Dancing step out on the red carpet for the official launch of the show.

Cotton v polyester
Why do some gym clothes smell so much worse than others after exercise?

Cheese, love and music
Blur-bassist-turned-gentleman-cheesemaker Alex James tells the BBC News website why he decided to turn his 200-acre Cotswold dairy farm into a three-day festival celebrating "food, music and family".


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Can you help find Arthur?

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