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Last Update: 30th October 2009

Order Confirmation

When your order is processed, a receipt page will appear for you to print out with your order number on.
Also you will receive order confirmation by e-mail from PAYPAL to confirm your payment has been authorised.

For your peace of mind the transmission of credit card details for all M44 on-line orders is carried by PAYPAL's secure network.


The m44.co.uk blog is designed to encourage open debate and as such should be viewed in this manner. Occasionally m44.co.uk uses guest bloggers. Blog postings do not always represent the views of m44.co.uk

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m44.co.uk reserves the right to remove or block posts which it considers to inappropriate, inflammatory or otherwise.

If you have posted a blog comment which has been blocked or removed and you feel this to be unfair please contact m44.co.uk for further details.



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1st Floor
Abbey Studios
Liverpool Road
M44 5BQ

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